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Stephanie Keaton
Executive Director

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Bavarian Village Condo #39

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Alpine Village Dining Room

Welcome to Lutheran Home at Napoleon

Lutheran Home at Napoleon, a ministry of Lutheran Homes Society, offers a full continuum of care for retirement living. The Napoleon campus features independent living at Bavarian Village, assisted living at Alpine Village, and medical care and therapy services at the Lutheran Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Our medical care services include long- and short-term nursing care, dementia care, complex medical care, chronic disease management, palliative and hospice care, and respite care. Family and friends are welcome to visit their loved ones at any time.

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Lutheran Home at Napoleon - drive

Lutheran Home at Napoleon - Lutheran Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Napoleon Front Entrance

Lutheran Home at Napoleon - Lutheran Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Sunroom

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Lutheran Home at Napoleon - Prayer Garden

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Lutheran Home at Napoleon - Alpine Village Assisted Living 

Alpine Village Front Entrance

Lutheran Home at Napoleon - Alpine Village Entrance

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Lutheran Home at Napoleon - Bavarian Village Independent Living

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Lutheran Home at Napoleon - Bavarian Village Twinplex Residences

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Lutheran Home at Napoleon - Bavarian Village Twinplex Residence

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Lutheran Home at Napoleon - Bavarian Village Porch

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Lutheran Home at Napoleon - Bavarian Village Gardens


Located in Henry County, just south of Napoleon and directly across the street from the county fairgrounds, Lutheran Home at Napoleon inherently reflects the friendly, rural tone of the local community and the area’s Germanic heritage. The opening of the Napoleon Home in 1985 coincided with Lutheran Homes Society’s 125th Anniversary and heralded the expansion of elderly care services from the original Lutheran Old Folks Home in east Toledo. Independent living was added in 1991 and assisted living completed the continuum of care in 2001.

Lutheran Home at Napoleon volunteer

The Napoleon campus can meet the service needs of individuals to age gracefully and with dignity. One of the benefits of being a resident of the Napoleon campus is, if it is determined that the next level of care is needed, you have priority admission status. For example, if you live in Bavarian Village independent living, then you would have priority status to get into one of the assisted living apartments at Alpine Village. Likewise, if you were an assisted living resident, you would have priority admission to the nursing care center.

The Napoleon campus serves people of all faiths. There is a full-time chaplain on staff and an on-site chapel that offers services for many faiths. The scenic campus is quiet with paved, lit walking paths and garden sitting areas. Along with a wide range of available social activities and outings to enhance the lives of residents, the Napoleon campus provides a warm and welcoming place for seniors to call home.

Sharing My Story

When my aunt, Terry Belsito-Love, was transferred to Lutheran Home at Napoleon from New York City in October of 2013, her caregivers in New York told us we were making a terrible mistake. She would not receive the one-on-one care she was used to, she would be warehoused and neglected, and she would be dead within a month. Having met the staff of the Lutheran Home, Tom and I were pretty sure those dire warnings would not play out, but the rest of the family was apprehensive to say the least.

Terry died on January 19, 2016, nearly two and a half years after coming to Napoleon and just a few months short of her 100th birthday. In terms of clinical excellence and loving care, her time here was greatly superior to anything she experienced in her home. We are all now convinced we would have lost her much sooner had she remained where she was.

I would like to cite individuals and departments for the ways in which they made her life richer (and ours easier) but if I did, this note would be a book. I will say that the single-most outstanding thing about the Lutheran Home at Napoleon is the way that the people who work there – including those whose duties may not involve direct patient care – put the happiness and well-being of the residents above every other consideration. I believe it is this informal, but effective safety net of caring people that creates the family atmosphere so evident at the Lutheran Home. Having had a sorry experience with a Toledo nursing home…we can only be deeply grateful for the mission lived by your staff.

Thank you for making Terry feel safe and special and for giving use those 27 ‘extra’ months with her.

Terry Clayton, niece of resident Right Double Quotes

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